SO you‘re a single mom or elder in today’s frantic, fast paced world and looking for government low income housing assistance. Often you find yourself wishing there were more than 24 hours in a day, so much to do and so little time to do it. Having a stable and concrete roof to live under in such times can truly be a blessing. Various Financial and Housing Grants and Housing Programs are available that are provided by various institutions and the government.

Financial Help -Student Loan Forgiveness Programs and Low Interest Student Loans

Guidance and Financial Help for single mothers and for those in relation to student loans and loan forgiveness program. Also many other resources for single mothers and those in financial need.

Statewide Financial Help and Aid and Assistance for Single Mothers

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Financial Help – Student Loan Forgiveness Programs for All

For Teachers, Nurses, Social Workers from Obama in 2011

The government’s generosity reaches to the students as well. Hence seek after the Student Loan Forgiveness Programs for financial help. Today, student loan fee waiver is offered by the federal government under certain circumstances. This program is termed as Student Loan Forgiveness program. There are several factors that are taken into account before the execution of student loan forgiveness. In most cases, a student is expected to perform some sort of communal service to seek the loan exemption approval. Let’s have a look at the different conditions under which one can seek student loan forgiveness.


Disabled students can qualify for student loan forgiveness financial help. Over here, one must be diagnosed with complete disability since the time the student last attended college. Also, the student must not be in a condition to earn income ever again. Once these terms are met and doctor’s approval is sanctioned, the disabled student will be able to seek student loan forgiveness.


Volunteering for Peace Corps can also be your ticket to student loan forgiveness. Four years of volunteer service with Peace Corps can help you eliminate 70% of your student loan. One can reap similar benefits by volunteering with AmeriCorps for a period of one year.

Financial Help - Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

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Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Programs – Military Service

$10,000 worth of student loan forgiveness can be availed by volunteering to work with the Army National Guard. Over here, one can either commit for full time or part time military service.

Medicine and Law

There are numerous law and medicine colleges that offer student loan forgiveness to graduates. Interested students will have to offer their professional service in exchange of the loan exemption.


Teaching in disadvantaged areas can also help one eradicate 80% of their student loan. The National Defense Education Act offers student loan forgiveness to teachers who offer their teaching services in disadvantaged areas.


Nursing is another profession that can help individuals avail student loan forgiveness. The US Department of Health and Human Services offers this facility to students in various health related profession. Interested nurses should offer their services in regions that lack substantial medical care facilities in order to qualify for student loan forgiveness and get financial help.

Failed Commitments

In some cases, certain institutions fail to fulfill their commitments towards students such as job placement and loan consultation services. If your institution has failed to honor any such commitment, you can qualify for student loan forgiveness financial help. One will have to get in touch with the state student financial aid department to seek assistance and get financial help on such matters. They will be able to lay down the options in front of you. In cases of fraud, 100% student loan forgiveness is offered to the deserving candidate.

Student loan forgiveness programs has been a life savior for truckloads of individuals out there. In most cases, students who are free from financial burden are able to lead a better quality of life in comparison to those who are troubled with debts. Those in need should not shy away from exploring this option to the core. Once you can meet all the stringent requirements, you will be able to get rid of your financial burden by availing student loan forgiveness programs approval.

Financial Help – Get Low interest student loans

Not everyone out there can afford to pay their college fees out of their pocket expenses. Loads of individuals are left with no choice, but to resort to some sort of external help to continue their studies. In fact, one of the prime factors taken into consideration while pursuing further studies is low interest student loans. Such loans serve as a great stepping stone that proves to be instrumental in ensuring that one doesn’t abandon their dreams of procuring a college degree due to financial hiccups. Fortunately, the government understands the dilemma of cash deprived students, which is why the government has introduced several low interest student loans program to ease the financial burden of dedicated students. Let’s have a look at these programs now:

Stafford Loan – Financial Help

Low interest student loans are offered to students in the form of subsidized or unsubsidized Stafford loans. This program is funded by the government. The good news is that students will be able to avail such loans with very little to zero credit. One doesn’t have to worry about loan repayment until graduation. The application can be submitted online by visiting Stafford loans official website.

Perkins Loan – Financial Help

Although a little difficult to obtain, low interest student loans can also be sought from Perkins Loan program. It’s a need based program supported by the government, which implies that students need to demonstrate financial needs in order to obtain Perkins loans. The government will bear the interest of the sanctioned amount until you graduate. You will have to repay the loan only after your graduation.

Both these programs have helped scores of students over the years with their educational needs. The best part about these government funded programs is that the government does shy away from offering extended support to students. In some cases, the government will pay the interest charges for six months after your graduation as well. This extended period is often termed as the grace period. The motto is to offer students adequate time to seek a job after they graduate, so that they are able to stand on their feet.

Low interest student loans can also be sought outside the government’s umbrella. Although rare, few banks may offer student loans at good discount, especially when they run some kind of promotional campaign. More than often, such generosity is bestowed only on those applicants who have a good credit score. On the other hand, Perkins and Stafford loans do not hold the requirement of maintaining good credit score. Also, the interest rates offered by banks may not be as low as the government funded loans, which is why individuals are advised to consider federal loans over bank loans. Not to forget the fact that federal loans also arrive with an extended grace period.

We all know that the key to a successful academic career largely depends upon proper decisions and responsibility. While availing student loans, the same principle applies. One must make a wise choice to ensure that one doesn’t fall into a dept trap in the near future. Massive debt will not only make way for financial plague in your life, but it will also affect your studies. In conclusion, try to procure low interest student loans over other conventional loans, in order to endure minimum financial burden and reduce the need of financial help.

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